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Collaborative Projects

Page history last edited by Mary Hillis 14 years, 6 months ago

 Ideas for collaborative projects



  • During SMiELT, I had an idea for a collaborative project using Flickr.  If you or your students have any pictures related to food, recipes, etc. please use the tag "globalcookbook" on Flickr.
  • By searching for the tag globalcookbook on Flickr we can easily view photos from other teachers and students.  (Already there are 35 photos tagged globalcookbook.  Thanks Bee, Erika, and all!)  We could comment on each other's photos, leave comments for each other, and discover connections.  I also thought that if students wrote short process essays or descriptions of the foods, it would make the project even more interesting. 
  • Also, I have started a group on Flickr for globalcookbook.  If you join the group, you can add your photos to the group pool, and participate in the discussion forum there.  The group really isn't the focal point though; just using the tag globalcookbook is enough to participate.  That's the great thing about tagging -- it is so easy!!
  • My original posts about the idea can be found here on my SMiELT blog.  Thank you for leaving comments and expressing interest -- food is a great way to connect people ;)
  • Hope to see your photos tagged globalcookbook!!  Thanks from Mary H


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